Cities are the economic engines of the states. We may be able to garner a new perspective on economic growth in Missouri by analyzing the growth of Missouri’s eight largest metropolitan areas. Four of these metro areas border neighboring states, which affords us the opportunity to compare growth in Missouri counties with growth in neighboring-state counties, within the same metropolitan areas. By separating our analysis into multiple components, we may be able to better document the economic performance of the state’s economy and to see where Missouri’s economy is growing and which factors are determining this growth. We also research other American cities to determine aspects that lead to strong economic growth as well as steep economic decline.

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Joseph Haslag
Research Fellow

Joseph Haslag is a professor and the Kenneth Lay Chair in economics a

Nick Pretnar

Nicholas Pretnar was an undergraduate economics math and economics major at University of Missouri.   He is now a PhD student in the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University.