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By Michael Q. McShane on Jan 13, 2016


There’s no other way to put it: Missouri schools simply aren’t giving African-American students a chance.

Commentary / Op-Eds
By Andrew B. Wilson on Jan 11, 2016

In stimulating tourism, trade, and economic growth, the Roman Coliseum may be the world’s only sports stadium that has repaid the cost of its construction more than a thousand-fold, or even a million-fold.

Commentary / Op-Eds
By James V. Shuls on Dec 12, 2015

As a child, I never understood the appeal of the old black-and-white film It’s a Wonderful Life. My mother would watch it every Christmas season without fail, and invariably it would bring a tear to her eye.

Commentary / Op-Eds
By Joseph Miller on Dec 12, 2015

Missouri has some breathtaking scenery. Whether it’s the Gateway Arch or the Missouri River Bluffs or the cotton farms in boot heel, the state is dressed to impress.

Commentary / Op-Eds
By Brittany Wagner on Dec 08, 2015

In the 1950s, economist Milton Friedman proposed the use of educational vouchers in public education. Under a voucher program, parents can direct public funds toward the school that best serves their child’s needs, be that public or private.

Commentary / Op-Eds
By Andrew B. Wilson on Dec 02, 2015

Oscar Wilde described fox-hunting as “the unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable.” We can make the same point about Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon, Saint Louis Rams Football Owner Stan Kroenke, and the Great Riverfront Stadium Hunt.

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By Michael Q. McShane on Nov 24, 2015
Recently released scores on both the ACT and AP tests paint a troubling picture of the Missouri school system. In particular, huge swathes of African-American students are not being prepared for success after high school.
Commentary / Op-Eds
By Andrew B. Wilson on Nov 18, 2015

Under three different CEOs, Wal-Mart has done all kinds of somersaults to appease left-wing critics. In 2005, Lee Scott set goals of “zero waste” and “100 percent” conversion to renewable energy.

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By Andrew B. Wilson on Oct 30, 2015
There is no legitimate reason to subsidize professional football, which is a hugely profitable business in its own right. Saint Louis and the State of Missouri shouldn’t have to sweeten the pot to keep the Rams. Better to let them go.
Commentary / Op-Eds
By James V. Shuls on Oct 30, 2015

For four years I was an elementary school teacher in southwest Missouri. Not to toot my own horn, but I was a pretty good teacher. Students and parents liked me. Several of my colleagues even requested me as their child’s teacher.

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