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Commentary / Op-Eds
By David Stokes on Mar 12, 2007


Commentary / Op-Eds
By Timothy B. Lee on Mar 12, 2007

Brian Lewis's column on HB808 illustrates just how much work advocates of parental choice still have to do in educating Missourians about how choice works and why it's impo

Commentary / Op-Eds
By Sarah Brodsky on Mar 07, 2007

Missouri legislators are trying to make it even harder for illegal immigrants to get an education or earn a living. State Sen Chris Koster explains why:

Commentary / Op-Eds
By Sarah Brodsky on Mar 06, 2007

Kids who are born into wealthy families get to attend whichever schools are best for them. Kids who are born into poverty aren't so fortunate.

Commentary / Op-Eds
By David Stokes on Mar 05, 2007

Last week, I blogged about how I liked the Martin Luther King bridge expansion idea as a plan to improve transportation across the Mississippi.  It seems that County Executive Charlie Dooley has now given a

Commentary / Op-Eds
By Steve Bernstetter on Mar 05, 2007

As time marches on, the pace of technological advancement marches along with it: the hand-written letter becomes an email, the horse and buggy becomes the automobile, and the pen and paper become the word processor. These advancements are mirrored in the media services industry by the ability to use iPods and cell phones to access programs once available solely through the home television set. Though the options for accessing media services outside the home have increased dramatically, the cable television market has remained largely stagnant. This stagnation results from current policies limiting competition amongst cable providers. Changing these policies will benefit consumers in the form of lower prices and better service.
Commentary / Op-Eds
By Sarah Brodsky on Feb 28, 2007

Does government support for the arts cause economic growth? Governor Blunt seems to think so:

Commentary / Op-Eds
By Sarah Brodsky on Feb 27, 2007

Carl Bearden writes about scholarships and higher education in the South East Missourian:

Commentary / Op-Eds
By David Stokes on Feb 27, 2007

A new controversy regarding the ownership of Allen Cab Co. has jogged my memories about one of the most unnecessarily, overly regulated industries in St.