Michael Rathbone

This is my final post for the Show-Me Institute, and it has been a great four years. I am proud to have had the opportunity to work with my colleagues and to have played a part in helping to protect liberty in Missouri. But while much has been done, there is a lot left to do.

Missouri needs to remain economically competitive with Kansas and other neighboring states. Eliminating income taxes on job producers would be a great step toward this goal.

Missouri needs to ensure that public pensions don't wreck state and local finances.

Missouri should not enact job-devastating regulations like the minimum wage. Well-intentioned as it might be, an increase to the minimum wage would destroy jobs for the people who need them most.

These are a few of the many topics that Missourians will need to address going forward, and my colleagues will carry on that fight in the months and years ahead. For my part, it was an honor to work with them, and for you.

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Michael Rathbone
Policy Researcher
Michael Rathbone was a policy researcher at the Show-Me Institute. He is a native of Saint Louis and a 2008 graduate of Saint Louis University, where he earned a bachelor of science degree in biomedical engineering.