Timothy B. Lee

We've just released the application for our fall internship program. If you're a college student, I hope you'll apply. If you're not a college student, I hope you'll pass the application on to someone who is.

In a lot of organizations, the interns are treated like slave labor. They're chained to a photocopier, and they get little or no contact with the real decision-makers in the organization. The Show-Me Institute is different. Our interns spend the vast majority of their time doing research and writing. Our current intern, Steve Bernstetter, had no less than three op-eds in the Saint Louis Business Journal this semester, as well as the opportunity to do an in-depth research project. Because there are fewer than a dozen people in the office, our interns get the opportunity to work closely with almost everyone on staff. That means you get an in-depth understanding of how a think tank works, including editing and publishing, event planning, and travel around the state.

More information and the application form is available in PDF form here. Please help us spread the word!

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