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In an article last week about the impact of the recent election on state policy, The Wall Street Journal came to Show-Me Institute CEO Brenda Talent for insight. The write-up for Missouri was as follows:

A new Republican governor, Eric Greitens, will replace term-limited Democrat Jay Nixon. “I think that we’re going to see bills that have been vetoed in the past, like right to work, go through quickly,” says Brenda Talent, the CEO of the Show-Me Institute. Last year the Republican House tried to override Gov. Nixon’s right-to-work veto but fell short by 13 votes.

Expanding charter schools, Ms. Talent predicts, will be an “easy lift,” and tackling corporate welfare is a possibility. “To give you an idea of the magnitude of the problem,” she says, “you could eliminate the corporate income tax in the state simply by eliminating economic development tax credits.”

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Brenda Talent
Brenda Talent

Before joining the Show-Me Institute, Brenda Talent served as counsel