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On KSDK's website, an article discusses North Carolina's dive into online education for students. So far, students and teachers are responding positively:

Students will be able to take everything from advanced placement
history to second language classes online. So far, nearly 6,000 middle
and high school students are enrolled for summer or fall courses...800 teachers across North Carolina have signed up to teach courses.

The need for online education is explained by one student:

It's where everything is going to be (online) at pretty soon, so why not have a school online for students.

Sarah Brodsky wrote a great article on Missouri's new Virtual Instruction Program. The benefits of online education are great. It gives students who need to make up courses due to extended absences a chance to do so. Also it gives students who do not have advanced courses at their schools to enroll into an online school that does offer courses like Advance Placement courses. States like Washington have proven that this is an application that works well and gives all students access to great education. Missouri's Virtual Instruction Program does not offer much at this point, but the state should move to heavily invest in it in the future since the benefits heavily outweigh the costs. Giving parents, students, and teachers options in education improves the system greatly and gives students who may not do so well in a typical education setting another chance to learn.

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