Jacob Voss
The Kansas City Star is reporting about a unique law in Missouri — a ban on all yellow margarine. Now, it was only recently that I discovered the difference between butter and margarine, and I couldn't believe that anyone might actually try to ban margarine in Missouri. Now, imagine my shock in learning that such a law has been on the books since the 19th century.

Luckily, this law has never been enforced. Even so, a Kansas City lawmaker is trying to have the law repealed, giving Missourians the smooth yellowy freedom they deserve. And yet, I ponder, who really cares? I mean, the law hasn't been enforced and yet this lawmaker is taking the time to have it repealed. Is the inert I-Can't-Believe-It's-Not-Butter ban causing so much damage as to warrant such attention? Are there not more urgent issues to deal with? So, which is worse: having a useless uniformed law on the books, or having an elected official waste time and money to repeal it?

This seems like the kind of thing they deal with down in Springfield.

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