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By Graham Renz on Aug 19, 2019

It is often claimed that Missouri is a low-tax state (which it is not), but it is painfully clear that some of Missouri’s cities are certainly not “low-tax” cities.

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By Patrick Tuohey on Aug 19, 2019

For eight years Kansas City was served by a mayor who didn’t seem to understand his role in overseeing the Kansas City Police Department.

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By William Magee on Aug 16, 2019

Since its introduction in 1996, Missouri’s Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) has been the state’s primary tool for incentivizing the development of affordable housing.

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By Patrick Tuohey on Aug 15, 2019

The River City Rascals are taking their ball and going home. This was not entirely surprising as the team was operating under a one-year lease extension with the city of O’Fallon.

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By Tyus Welter on Aug 15, 2019

Popular video game developer EA Sports has recently hinted at a return of its cult-classic game, NCAA Football.

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By Graham Renz on Aug 14, 2019

In a recent piece at the New York Times, a writer laments:

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By Elias Tsapelas on Aug 13, 2019

Markets are said to be failing when supply doesn’t respond to demand—like a beachside shop refusing to sell sunscreen. When it comes to public policy, the markets are more complex and the process of diagnosing a failure is often difficult.

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By on Aug 12, 2019

St. Louis has many serious problems. One is the city’s downwardly spiraling population, which has been in decline for decades.

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By William Magee on Aug 09, 2019

During the season of back-to-school chaos that thousands of Missouri families face each year, the state in recent years has eased the burden by offering tax-free shopping on school supplies during the first weekend of August. But some taxes kept on working through the holiday.

Media Appearances
By Patrick Tuohey on Aug 09, 2019

On Thursday, August 8, Patrick Tuohey joined the Ruckus panel to discuss the Jackson County property tax assessment controversy, the truce in the Kansas and Missouri business border war, and other local issues.