It’s a Good Idea for Mizzou to Cover Tuition for Low-Income Students, but the Reason May Surprise You

Earlier this week, the University of Missouri announced that it has created the Missouri Land Grant and Land Grant Honors scholarship programs. Both will cover all tuition and fees for eligible low-income Missouri residents.

I think this is a great idea, for one reason that is obvious, and for another that might be less so.

Stuck in the Middle with Mizzou: Examining the Effectiveness and Efficiency of the University of Missouri

The University of Missouri has received more than its share of media attention over the past few years, but most of that coverage has focussed on the 2015 protests in Columbia and their aftermath. In this essay, Show-Me Institute Director of Education Policy Michael McShane takes a more measured look at Missouri's university system and asks how well it is fulfilling its dual missions: education and research. Click on the link below to read the entire essay.