Charter Schools

Charter Schools Boost College Completion

I graduated from high school in 1999. Since then, I have had few interactions with anyone who works for my alma mater, and none in any formal capacity. No one called a year later to see if I went to college. No one checked to see if they could offer me any career support. I didn’t expect them to. They had done their job. I had graduated high school, and that was that. I suspect this is the case for most high school graduates.  

Expanding Charter Schooling in Missouri

Charter school expansion is just one of several school choice initiatives lawmakers in Jefferson City have proposed this legislative session. The first charter schools opened in Kansas City and Saint Louis in 1999, but many Missourians still have questions and concerns about charter schools and the quality of education they offer. A new Show-Me Institute essay addresses many of these questions by examining studies on charter school performance in Missouri. In addition, the essay describes barriers that are preventing charter schools from serving more children throughout the state.