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By Patrick Ishmael on Feb 07, 2017

Last month I had the opportunity to go back to my alma mater, Saint Louis University, and share with a crowd of medical students my thoughts on the future of health care in this country.

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By James V. Shuls, Ph.D. on Feb 07, 2017

Over the years, I and others at the Show-Me Institute have written about the need for public pension reform.

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By Patrick Ishmael on Feb 06, 2017

After years of trying, Missouri's legislature has passed and our governor has signed SB19, Right to Work, into law—the product of countless hours of work and dedication from its supporters.

By Michael Highsmith on Feb 03, 2017

With a wave of new electric cars entering the auto market, policymakers in Missouri are faced with a decision about how the charging stations that power these cars will operate.

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By Patrick Ishmael on Feb 02, 2017

It's been an active first few weeks for President Donald Trump, and the new Administration's prompt engagement of the United States' vast regulatory state gives free marketeers a lot to cheer about.

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By Patrick Tuohey on Feb 02, 2017

As Missourians consider the many ways to improve and reform the criminal justice system, at least one option appears to be relatively low-hanging fruit: raising the age at which offenders are automatically put into the adult criminal justice system from 17 to 18.

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By Patrick Tuohey on Feb 01, 2017

Citizens for Responsible Government (CFRG) have circulated emails claiming that if Kansas City defaults on the proposed GO Bond payments, creditors will seize the homes of Kansas Citians.

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By Graham Renz on Jan 31, 2017

Do you smell that smoke? It’s from the hole your money is burning in the pockets of Saint Louis City officials.

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By Patrick Tuohey on Jan 30, 2017

The City is describing the general obligation bond (GO bond) placed before voters on the April 4 ballot as a 20-year effort. The city website reads as follows: