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Show-Me Daily
By Michael Q. McShane on Aug 03, 2017

A data point came across my twitter feed the other day that absolutely stopped me in my tracks. I was vaguely familiar with country superstar Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, a nonprofit organization she started that gives books to needy children.

Show-Me Daily
By Graham Renz on Aug 03, 2017

Face-palming is defined as:

Bringing the palm of one's hand to one's face, as an expression of disbelief, shame, or exasperation.

Show-Me Daily
By Graham Renz on Aug 01, 2017

Tax-increment financing (TIF) is a development subsidy program abused all over Missouri, and especially in Saint Louis. See exhibit A: the Boulevard development in Richmond Heights, just east of the Galleria.

Show-Me Daily
By Patrick Ishmael on Jul 31, 2017

If you're a Netflix subscriber, you may have noticed a new series being promoted on the site that features a very familiar setting.

Show-Me Daily
By James V. Shuls, Ph.D. on Jul 31, 2017

I graduated from high school in 1999. Since then, I have had few interactions with anyone who works for my alma mater, and none in any formal capacity. No one called a year later to see if I went to college. No one checked to see if they could offer me any career support.

Show-Me Daily
By Patrick Tuohey on Jul 28, 2017

The Kansas City Star editorial board rightfully condemned even idle talk of building a sports stadium downtown.  And while most of the editorial was sound, it ended on a disappointing note:

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By Graham Renz on Jul 28, 2017

Missouri’s development house of cards is all too often built upon a shaky foundation of corporate welfare. It looks as though Chesterfield may be stacking the cards higher and higher.  

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By Patrick Tuohey on Jul 27, 2017

We’ve written about the encroachment of machines into the workforce previously.

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By Patrick Tuohey on Jul 25, 2017

A piece in The Kansas City Business Journal suggests that the efforts  of Mike Burke and his development partners to raise the private money needed to build a convention hot